The Address – Burj Dubai

We got a normal room with twin beds for our one night in Dubai, I knew the hotel was nice but I didn’t think it would be this nice. First off there are two Addresses, one is inside Dubai Mall and one is next to Burj Dubai, we stayed at the one next to Burj Dubai because the one inside Dubai Mall is horrible in comparison, same furniture but horrible service. But this hotel was something unexpected, the rooms are big, big bathrooms with an amazing view.

The staff were very nice and efficient, what surprised me was the room service. We ordered a variety of food for breakfast at 10:00 am before heading out and it was up in 20 minutes, everything tasted very good. There is free Wifi available but its extremely slow, I would expect something better from a hotel of this caliber. The lobby area is very nice, but going up to the rooms is a bit confusing and you need a card to get up to the room, and a card to keep the lights up in the room, I tend to get extra cards to put in that slot to keep the lights on. Overall the hotel is very nice, extremely convenient being right next to Dubai Mall, and its only 20 minutes from the airport, we left before our flight in an hour and twenty minutes, when we go there we had 50 minutes before take off and we made it easily to the plane.

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  1. purpleram

    Wow, that room looks pretty big! Looks expensive…

  2. never mind just realized the hotel is called “The Address”. confusing since the post title sounded like the place you went to is Burj Dubai then you mention there are two addresses for the hotel…

  3. love the big room/bathroom hotels
    how much was the rate per night?! “

  4. Reminds me of when I first stayed in the Ritz Carlton in Bahrain, same room concept even better.

  5. I went there a total of 2 (two) times for dinner.. both times I suffered the worst service from their dumb-ass valet parking guys. The last time I had a fight with them about my motorbike (they insisted I park it miles away from the entrance even though it takes 0.1 sq meters of space and would not valet it).. the first time, they took 20 minutes to bring my car, and they didn’t have an option of parking it yourself, so you’re stuck with their stupid valet.

    Don’t visit this hotel. Spend your money elsewhere.

  6. tartooob

    no rain shower ? I would never go there :P

  7. Oh man ur room looks sexy ;D how much did u get it for ??

  8. lulu

    can u please comment on ure bloggers, we need to know the hotel name and price, if thats ok, thankxxx

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