Out Of Commission!


Taking a nice break for a few days, about 5 days I think in total, the logistics aren’t completely worked out. We are heading out to a location in the Saudi Desert for some fun in the sand. Something different to do for New Years, I wanted to take a break, and this is the best possible break. No forms of communication in any direction, its a risk but really worth taking and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. I think we will be traveling 800 to 1200 kilometers to get to our destination but it is a beautiful location that we went to in 2007 so I’m looking forward to it, and I get to test the new Landcruiser in the desert.

I hope everyone has a great new years!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. after how many days you should be considered dead?! “

  2. Bissalama… Hope you enjoy.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones :)

  3. Happy new year, may 2010 be filled with awesome rides on awesome bikes for you and may it be filled with shoes for me :p

  4. etro7 w tred bel salama :D happy new year and hope the 5-day cut will be good :> u will defiantly miss the net! I know I miss seeing ur 2-3 posts a day :p

  5. Akbar

    Can you hear it?

    …its defeaning…The silence.

    Passive blogs, no new posts…addiction?

    Reminds me of a song:

    One of these mornings
    Won’t be very long
    You will look for me
    I’ll be gone…

  6. em6awil yal7abeeb?! :)

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