Detailing In Kuwait

Detailing is a real artform and very few have perfected it in Kuwait, and these few places that I have listed below have done a good job of coming close.

I am one person that likes to drive and ride all forms of machines, I also take care of those machines. One aspect that people forget about is taking car of the vehicle’s exterior & interior, not just the mechanical parts.


We have bad washing practices in Kuwait, not including bad weather, dust and all possible forms of damage to a cars exterior. You lose the color, the vibrance of teh car, your interior might even change shades of color and you might not notice.

Detailing Steps:

  • Air Pressure
  • Clay
  • Full Wax
  • Leather Treament
  • Engine Detailing

All these steps will bring back the color and shine of your car, getting rid of those annoying scratches on the car, getting rid of the circles from washing your car with crappy quality cloth. Getting the color of your leather back to its original look and feel. I recommend a full detailing at least once every 6 months, you will love the way your car looks and your car will thank you. I’m doing this to my Landcruiser after taking it for a major beating in the deserts of Saudi for five days.

Recommend Companies:

  • Al Falah Car Wash (Al Soor Street, Kuwait City)
  • Zeibart (Al Rai on the way to Avenues from Safat Alghanim)

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  1. fawaz

    Thanks for the post, my car needs detailing asap :p
    Which of the two companies is cleaning ur land cruiser in the pics above? I like the fact that part of the process is done indoor

  2. Kuwaity

    Don’t forget Behbahani’s car detailing in their VW/Porsche body shop (on left side) they are much better than other detailers I tried. If you go inside, the cost of the cars they work on can easily be more than 1 million KD!

  3. Mansour

    DiTech are also good, i have tried them.
    behind Wara Center, next to Ziebart

  4. Any work done properly is a beautiful thing… Thank you (and the commentators) for the company names…

  5. any geotagging ?

    i am nwe to kuwait, till now didn’t find a car was station betfesh el2alb..

    Thought the pics were taken in Qatami Shuwaikh car wash

  6. Marzoug, thank you for this, been waiting for someone to highlight a place for me to go to.

    Great pics too !

  7. abdulsalam

    any places you know that are also good for bike detailing and washing?

  8. ON

    i’ve a friend who has done his car there!
    and the car color just faded away! now his car looks damn ugly!

    man i dunno how proffesional those guys are and wut type of chemicals they’re using, but i seriously wont risk gettinh my car done over there!

  9. Ali

    I get my Porsche detailed at Ditec, They are proffisional and there work is done indoor and they use swedish products.
    They located behind Wara center in Shuwaikh

  10. Hey Marzouq.. next time you are in the market for a detail let us know. we are Kuwait’s licensed detailer and authorized reseller. check out our instagram account for some finished projects @zyeco

  11. @fawaz – Al Falah Car Wash!

    @Kuwaity – I forgot about them! didn’t think they detailed cars other then their own!

    @Mansour – Nice!

    @Bu Yousef – Anytime!

    @Mesh – Check out the instagram pics for more detailing info!

    @Abdullah – No problem!

    @abdulsalam – Al Falah does a very good job!

    @brownsuger – Hate it! lol

    @ON – I don’t know what was done, could be something specific

    @Ali – Very nice!

    @ZyEco – I will be sure to check it out! I saw some of your interesting work!

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