A Fun Milcha

Last night was the Milcha of one of our good friends, and the turn out was fantastic, it felt more like a reunion then anything else. Over a four hour period I kept saying hello to people the whole time, trying to catch up with everyone, it was non-stop. The first thing in my mind was the buffet and waiting for all the food to come out, probably in a few hours and more of our friends kept showing up.

The Milcha was at Al Rayah which is a good location because of the parking, I went early to get great parking spot. Our friends picked a prime location for the food, there were so much food but I had shrimps in mind and there was a variety of it so I was looking forward to that. After all that time, then we attacked him and started taking pictures with him when all the guests left, then we proceeded to escort him to pick up his wife, it was a 30+ car parade, we enjoyed it more then he did.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mabrook and bl 3afya :)

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    It was close yesterday for the M6, very close

  3. I’m curious. What’s a milcha? Jaha? Wedding? Engagement? In Kuwait, matrimony isn’t co-ed?

  4. Daddyz Girl

    Heheheheh spotted 1 familiar face ;)

  5. xeonali

    mashalah .. it seemed close to 3irs in my standard ..

  6. 3azeez

    Milcha is probably one of the reasons why i’m still single.


  7. Cool shots and it looks like a nice hall…

  8. GREAT pictures! mashallah u know how to utilize the g.11 hope i get to that stage one day :D and congrats to the m3arees :>

  9. naserm

    father of the birdy naar

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