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Apple Tablet in March

Apple Tablet

Apple have been successful with most of their products, at about 90% of all their products have had high sales and now they are coming up with the “iSlate” or what ever else name they will choose for it.

A simple description that it is a 10 to 11 inch iPod Touch with all the application. If the iSlate has a smooth interface such as the iPhone and iPod Touch there will be a long waiting list for this product. At $1000 its not too bad, I’m assuming they will try to go below that to $900 or $800 range, because you can buy decent netbooks for that price. The anouncement is expected to take place at the end of January, and release targeted for March and as usual there will be a waiting list. The benefit in this case is they already have the huge amount of applications available which can be used with it, directly from iTunes.

Link: Gizmodo