Q8BBQ in Desert Outing

Grilling on the go is the only definition of cooking in the desert, coal is your best friend and we had a lot of meat to cook. One of the surprises was one of our friends brought with him some prepacked Lambchops and Chicken Tikka from Q8BBQ. The meat were all marinated and placed in the ice box, rosemary garlic lamb chops and chicken tikka. The lamb chops tasted amazing, they were juicy and perfect, the chicken tikka was probably the best I have had in a while.

This is after we had a few hours of driving and got really hungry, cooking was simple when it came to the grill. We use the duwah as the base, burn the coal on it to prepare the coal, and start grilling on it. That day one of the guys when high up top one of the dunes to get some phone signal but it was nearly impossible to get any signal, the picture with the sand dunes and a small black dot is the guy sitting up top. Then there were the people who were hungry and sitting directly in front of the grill. After that we clean up, pack up, and keep driving around the dunes enjoying the sand.

Link: Q8BBQ
Contact Number: 99978227

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. A great place to camp & BBQ is the Kazma Desert Area in Kuwait. Scenic (for a desert!) and full of places to test out your 4X4’s.

  2. Akbar

    The food looks amazing. Bet you all enjoyed every bit of it. Cant wait to see night pictures with bonfire if there are any to share…

  3. Needless to say the food looks yummy :D 3leikom bel3afiah, however the question is: where did you guys go? the sand looks amazing! I adore soft sand :>

  4. the foood !! so yummy ! 3alaikom bel 3afya

  5. 3laykoom b alf 3afya, am so glad you liked my product ,and my home made BBQ,Hoping to here from you once again,please do not hesitate to give me a call any time you want to order.
    your invited to try my homemade burgers @ movempick hotel free zone,4-11pm today is the last day,were located just outside the main entrance.thank you again

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