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Friday – Breakfast Ride

Getting up early in the morning isn’t too hard when the weather is this nice and sunny outside, it was perfectly chilly. Showered and went down, got my leather jacket out and ready to go, warmed up the beemer for the ride, Robo was ready to go. I have been enjoying riding Robo a lot recently, I have missed this beast and he is one hell of a beast, a scary mechanical brute who can destroy all at will. All my bikes have personalities in my head and Robo in this case has the soul of Iron Hide from Transformers, ready to fight, shoot first and ask questions later.

We took an easy route by the sea side then heading to the free zone, and I was just enjoying the brute force of this machine. Monichum was enjoying the joyride we were taking, every corner was an adventure, from turn to turn, the best part is how empty the roads were, and then head to the free zone for a few shots. After we were done we met up with the guys at Prime & Toast, pretty much we were the first and got the seats together before the other lazy guys got up and came over.