My Top Retro Cartoons


There was always something special about the cartoons back in the day, I would be stuck to the screen. I remember Mumra from Thunder Cats really scared me and pissed me off, I don’t know how many things I broke swinging a stick around saying “Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats! HOOOOOOO!”, I remember even hitting our Sony Tri-Color TV back in the day, and it weighed around 60 Kgs.

My List

  • Thunder Cats – The best cartoon of the 80s, Panthera was cool always making gadgets and still kicking ass
  • Voltron – The best of the 80s
  • Silver Hawks – They were really cool!
  • Centurions – Man and Machine Power Extreme! I wanted to be Ace McCloud, always wanted to fly!
  • Brave Star – Some many different powers!

Worthy Mentions

  • He Man – I wanted his tiger!
  • GI Joe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Taymoor

    Bionic Six!!!!

  2. Voltron 5 baby! How about “Mask”? Anyone?

  3. “He Man” is gay

  4. Sean


    Comic book guy voice – “best cartoon EVER!”

  5. Brave Star is gay. No Danger Mouse?

  6. Baaaaaiiiiiih! you brought back memories :-D

  7. dezrtninja

    I agree with Taymoor, Bionic Six should be included, if only for the amazing 80’s intro song. He-Man was great, but in hindsight he does seem to be a little on the gay side “not that theres anything wrong with that”.

  8. The old stuff was the best! I still have some of these shows on VHS :)

  9. Grendizer > Voltron :D

    I remember sharky and george – the intro song is still stuck in my head till date

  10. I agree with ur list, but I would add bionic five :> i liked them more than the Centurions, and HE man was not my thing, I liked Shetara more :p especially with that cat/thing that is hidden with in the episode, i liked looking for it… Also the Arabic dubbed ones,, hmm that’s a new list :p

  11. Big papa !!

    GUYS GUYS THE REAL retro was G-force!! (not the ginie pigs film)

  12. Big papa

    GUYS GUYS the real retro was G-force!! (not the 2009 guinea pig film)

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