V – It Begins


Now this show lived up to its expectations and left me wanting a lot more, they introduced the V, the story line and lots of action and suspense. Anna is the leader of the V, they have shown up hovering over all large metropolitan areas, people don’t know what to expect. What the humans don’t know is that the Vees have been on earth for decades infiltrating their system and reaching sensitive locations and positions within governments and businesses. ABC only released for episodes but they were amazing, the best part is where this will go, the ending is leading us in an interesting direction. I like how they have kept the quality of the story at a high level, so many complex stories to work with, a great series and a lot of room for it to grow, can’t wait for them to release more episodes.

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  1. I watched 2 episodes…and stopped. It didn’t attract me at all.

    I think flashforward has more potential.

  2. I like it but whoever did the casting is horrible.

    All the aliens except Anna are horrible at showing any sign of being aliens from their hair to the way they talk.

    I like the show and its concept, but I mostly hate the acting especially Elizabeth Mitchell’s.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    A Very BORING show .. like (His)I watched the first 2 episodes and I just couldn’t keep watching it .. I didn’t like it :/

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