Sonos – ZP90

Having this music system integrated with my iTunes library and internet radio services has been great. I have had the Sonos system since 2005 and decided to expand it to another location which is the media room, and so I purchased the ZP90. A solid piece of audio hardware plugged right into my Onkyo A/V to route the sound through the Home Theater Speakers. Plugging it in and setting it up took less then 10 minutes and music was blasting through smoothly, I plugged it into the A/V using RCA cables but I’m planning on upgrading it to an optical connection when I get the cable. Overall an excellent piece of hardware for any music fan.


  • Simple Setup, Hit Mute & Plus Volume to add it to your Zone
  • Compact & Small
  • Quality Build Product, It feels solid.
  • Full Integrated Music System – Internet Based Music (Rhapsody,, Sirius, and more), Music File Server, and seamlessly connects to iTunes
  • Connects direct to speakers or to A/V to use large speaker system
  • Sonos iPod Application can control the system, or through the computer, or through the CR100 or CR200 remote


  • Price – But you pay for the quality of the product.

Link: Amazon
Price: $349

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yikez

    i dont know what the hell im lookin at but looks cool!

  2. Sonos makes fantastic home media products… headache free and easy to install yourself.

  3. LOOOOL I saw the first pictures and I was thinking what a huge peice of equipment then I saw the last pic and I was like @@ wow its soooooo small and cute hehehe

  4. Akbar

    Goes well with the rest of your equipment. Sweet white color. Is your home theater system a 5:1 channel?

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