Botamba Blog Aggregator


Just got listed on this new Kuwait Blogs Aggregator which seems to be very easy and fun to read. You can easily submit your blog with image your would like associated with it, I chose the usual Z as the symbol and some really interesting blogs on there. And I really do like the name to Botamba, the blog listing is done through icons on the right, I have a feeling thats going to grow big and really fast, I don’t know how they plan on handling a lot of listings at a later point but for now its a good start.

Link: Botamaba

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. its great..even we got ourselves listed…plus as you said its filling up quite fast !!

  2. We love it, it’s very nice to look at. I heard there are some nice features coming up soon :) Plus, there are lot of new nice blogs I did not know about until added in botamba.

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