The Arrival of the Nexus One

I ordered the phone after seeing the post on Uptill1, I wasn’t keen on it right away but after reading the specs I decided to jump onboard to the Android platform. Also because my Sony Ericsson phone now hangs whenever it feels like and lets me access my contacts when it feels like, so its time for a change.

I really like the clean packaging of the box, you open it up and see the phone as it has been in all the blurry images. The Nexus One is a lot bigger then I expected, its just as big as the iPhone but a lot thinner which is nice, compared to the Blackberry 8900 Curve its thing but tall.

Now the process begins to transfer the contacts to Android platform, and I know you get really tied up with your Gmail account because of this. Now I have to figure out a solution to transfer 800+ contacts from my old Sony Ericsson phone to my Nexus One, I have a feeling it will not be a pleasurable experience. You would think that after all this time someone would come up with a software to transfer contacts without any mistakes that you may face, and I know that outlook process is a bit on the retarded side, it doesn’t take all the information of your contacts, if one contact has more then two to three numbers assume a few of the details will be disappearing, overall its going to be annoying. Other then that I am really looking forward to trying this phone it got a lot of good reviews, and what criticism it did get it doesn’t bother me.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Anonymous


    As a G1 owner I am certain you will enjoy Android very much!

    I had the same problem transferring contacts (what are the odds that we both have SE phones before Android :P). Keep in mind, I did not have 800 contacts…but what I did was install the phone software and export my contacts on an .SVF (or something similar) excel file that your Gmail Contacts can read. You have several options of how to import contacts from your Gmail Contacts page.

    This isn’t flawless though, you will have some editing to do, but the end result will be very easy to manage.

    Ya36eek 5aira o ekafeek shara inshallah :D

  2. pankaj

    How much you paid for it and from where.

  3. Nice Mabrook :),

    Mine is in DHL mailbox :), waiting it to arrive to kuwait.

    Try it and tell me how is it ? worth waiting ? :P

  4. 7ussien

    hey congrats i wanna buy one, where did you get it from and for how much ?

  5. Namz

    Congrats on your device!!!

    I recently ordered the HTC hero and i am loving the android platform. I also had an issue transferring the contacts to the phone but i had just about 192 contacts so i transfered them to the simcard and thereon to the phone. This could be your easiest route but you will have to transfer the contacts about 4 times from Sony Ericsson->sim->Nexus One.

  6. Berserk-KW

    How did you order it?!
    I really wanna get my hands on one!

  7. Marzouq: check if there is a compatible “google sync” app for your SE device by heading to on your phone. If there is you can sync your contacts to your gmail account. keep in mind that your gmail account has every person you ever emailed as a contact. I would create a folder and put all of them in there before starting.

    Congrats on the phone bro, welcome to the android world. Tkasra bl 3afya :)

  8. Hey so you got the latest and greatest… I hope that it works well for you as I plan to get one of these when it comes to the UK. Android is ace Ive loved my G1. But im guessing Android will be better in the nexus one sexy rapper!

  9. Mabroook, does it support Arabic? I was going to get it but I think they have not included Arabic yet!

  10. Eissa

    Mabrook !
    bs shme3na ya3ni Jack Bauer ?
    and yalla we’re waiting for the review !

  11. Omar

    Hey there


    Do u mind uploading the ringtone on youtube or somewhere. I searched the net for the Nexus One ringtone but no one has uploaded or commented on it.


  12. Mabrook Man,

    The best application to transfer the contact is Sync Application in Mac ! bs a3teqed enah b3da not supported by Nexus One try it maybe ako new update

  13. meh

    Google Sync

  14. Mohammad Al-Mudhaf

    mabrook 3al jehaz :D .. bs 7aram etha 6alba min USA .. ana na6er el UK version le2anna it supports multi-touch .. feeh baramej bel market that transfer your contacts from nokia & sony to android .. bs im not sure if they are compatible with Android 2.1 since it just came out .. bs mashalla khoush ekhteyar w ya36eek khaira w yakfeek sharra inshalla :)

  15. B just got Blackberry 9700 and now he wants this … and im planning to gift him but do tell howz it??

  16. Grats bro, bas so2al el7en bl Kuwait tegdar etsha’3la 3ala 3G service 7aleyan? l2ana fe nas yegolon ena currently only in the current available countries you can get the 3G functionality.

  17. Lawalew

    There is no htc workshop in kuwait, I had problem fixing mine when it broke!!

    How u gonna manage?

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  19. Hey marzouq, i want to know which band should i buy. Because there seems to be 2 of them now.

  20. Yousuf M: Go with the TMobile, Matches our 3G frequencies

  21. Mohammad Al-Mudhaf

    For those of you who are worried about how to fix their Nexus One .. I called HTC America inc. and they opened a ticket for my phone and sent me an email on how and where to send my phone. Then I called FedEx and scheduled a pickup to pick my phone and send it to HTC .. because i had a FedEx account they gave me 25% off in all shippments so the shipping was only 14 KD. it arrived to HTC within 2 Days and they fixed it with the warranty the same day and sent it for free to my US box the same day too! which is a very quick service if you asked me. it arrived to my aramex box the day after and they shipped it back to Kuwait. The aramex shippment was only 3KD because the shippment was 0.6lbs. Totally the fix was 17 KD within 1 week. So in my opinion do not worry about fixing the Nexus One in Kuwait because it doesn’t cost or take long :) .. Contacts and FedEx for more information.

    I hope I helped some of you guys :)

  22. Mohammad Al-Mudhaf

    forgot to mention something .. and it totally works within all Kuwait providers (Zain, Wataniya, and Viva) with Full 3G support. Since they don’t know what Nexus One is, just tell them that you have a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 :) .. Because all Android phones aka “Google Phones” use the exact same settings.

    and thanks again :)

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