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I have always been a bit paranoid to a degree to lay out all my information on any social networking websites, and now this is all coming true since they changed the user agreement contracts, and nobody really did anything about it to stop them. The worst part is that your profile can never really be deleted, the information is always there, and as stated below all your comments are stored in a Database that they can query later and take a nice look. Look at the ridiculousness of the employees by reading the points below, its insane how much information they have stored up and people don’t realize. Facebook is even blocking those companies that are trying to provide a service in which you can delete your profile and everything associated with it, so they want to keep your info. Facebook is morphing into this scary blog with world domination in mind, at one point they will cripple all the world’s governments.

  • As of a few months ago, Facebook records and archives information on whose profile you view. (Apparently this was already publicly known.)
  • Facebook has 200-220 million active users, and more than 300 million total accounts, including disabled accounts and potential fakes.
  • At one point, Facebook staff widely used a “master password” that unlocked access to anyone’s account. Use of this password has been “deprecated,” i.e. discouraged, implying the password might still exist and work. What was the password? “With upper and lower case, symbols, numbers, all of the above, it spelled out ‘Chuck Norris,’ more or less. It was pretty fantastic.”
  • The Facebook employee is aware of at least two coworkers being fired for abusing their access to profiles; the employee herself also inappropriately access profiles.
  • Facebook employees can “just query the database” to find your Facebook messages.

Link: Gawker

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  1. jewaira

    lots of potential for abuse frankly and users misled.

  2. i open an account and i disabled it after 1 week only,, and i hate that it is still there,, just hibernating…

  3. Bumo

    I don’t find that at all wrong… Kinda like how the bank knows about all your transactions and everything? What difference does it make?

  4. Akbar

    Lot of difference.

    The bank does not know who your friends and family are, fakebook, I mean facebook does.

    The bank does not know who your connections are,fakebook, I mean facebook does.

    The bank cannot hold back your own money, fakebook, I mean facebook does.

    etc. etc.

  5. Banks can freeze your accounts, they know where you spend your money and on what, they know who you transfer money to and where you travel… these days banks are even more hooked up than the CIA and FBI..? Of course not as much as facebook, but i still dont see what the big deal is… what will they do with your private credentials? What makes you so sure you are that important to them? Worst case scenario you go into the pot of 300 million people on facebook and end up a statistic which may help people in future. I agree with google and facebooks approach to all these privacy and control issues; “…the people that are worried about privacy probably have something abnormal to hide…”

  6. Nathan

    Seriously I don’t get what the big deal is.. it’s not like you should be posting information that is potentially unsafe for strangers to have anyway, like your bank account numbers, etc.

    i mean, facebook is meant to help you connect with friends, share info, pics, links, vids, etc. If you use it just as it is intended, then who cares if they have the info? I mean, do I really care if they keep all the goofy comments I make to my friends, and the funny videos I post on my wall? Nope.

    I guess the point is if you are scared they are keeping information that you don’t want them to have, then just don’t post THAT specific information. It is just such a great service for keeping in touch with people and meeting long lost family and friends that the benefits and fun factor far outweigh the small risk there is of someone seeing information you don’t want them to see.. especially when you have control of what information you put there in the first place.

  7. Zweibart

    I just read the rights and responsibilities again, and in my opinion there are two reasons why i have stopped using facebook:

    1. The document states that i own the information, but fact is, that it’s still there when i reenable my account, so in fact I can’t delete it properly.

    2. Developers will have access to any information, despite the possibility to set rights on applications. Facebook has a bunch of “You will nots” for developers, but do you really think that people with a criminal intent do care about that?

    The only way to fix this is to give users full control over any information they have added to Facebook, and to make users able to block developers, if they don’t want their information to be used.

    Facebook should have the full possibility to offer a dataset of artificial information for the development of new Facebook applications.

    My Facebook account stays closed until i’m sure i control my own information.

    For those of you who don’t care so much about it, i suggest that you at least use webpages for images that give you full ownership. One example would be

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