Cairo Airport – VIP Lounge

This makes entering and leaving from Cairo Airport so much easier, I signed up for the VIP service through my travel agency and it turned out to be even better then I expected. When you leave the plane there is a bus that takes all the passengers to immigrations, but in my case a car was waiting for me and takes me straight to the VIP terminal.

You even have your own immigrations and they go get your luggage for you. I just waited in the lounge for everything to be stamped and to go through simply, and within 5 minutes I was out the door and on my way to the hotel. They have made it so easy and simple to go through that it is really worth it to use this service, and once you experience it you will not stop using it. The lounge area is very nice with separate rooms for all the guests and you can still sit in the middle area instead of the nice room. There is free wireless available for your use all over the VIP Terminal, I think that this is the best service they could have provided to passengers arriving into Cairo.

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  1. nice to see such services for who want it or need it

    how much did it cost you?! “

  2. KA fan

    How did you sign up for this service? Who should I talk to or where should I go for this service?

  3. I must admit: as horrible as my Cairo experience was (and will always be), the airport (after passport control in departures) has improved significantly. Nice to know of this service, but it’s probably more useful for arriving into Cairo and not necessarily for leaving.

    Please answer question from KA fan, I’m interested too :)

  4. LOL! Seems everyone has had a bad experience in Cairo Airport, but to answer that question it was arranged by Al Sawan Travel Agency, they offered it to me and I said to please arrange it, it is for $100. Very reasonable price and a lot less headache! Especially worth it when departing from Cairo, you just sit while everything is done for you.

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