Ke$ha – Tik Tok

Some songs just click with me and this one just did, I didn’t even know that Ke$ha is a white girl let alone a pop singer but I do enjoy her song. It really gets you revved up and its a lot of fun, I feel like she just woke up and started singing it, the best part of the video is the Trans-Am scene.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 3azeez

    haha… I usually enjoy listening to this song when its on the radio..
    it just sounds like a normal girl talking about a normal night out over the weekend ;p

  2. alaa mohamed

    i like her but that ain’t lyrics , that is 100% of sh*t

  3. Dunk

    Makes me laugh the amount of school kids i hear request this song on my way into work here in Bahrain, i cant help thinking if their parents heard the lyrics they wouldn’t be too impressed! lol!
    And the Trans-Am scene is funny! the guy driving it goes under the artist name of Dirt Nasty and writes and sings some very funny music! i wouldn’t recommend looking him up at work or if your easily offended!!

  4. love the song..but she should clean up a little :) my sister thou dont like her at all…she termed her beeeeep!! :)

  5. Her voice annoys me and I think her song is as crappy as her face but it has a few good moments I guess.

  6. I liked the song until I saw this video. She’s disgusting. There’s only one party scene and that’s in the end and the whole song is about music and parties but all I see is her with her stupid radio. Since she’s ugly put some other girls for us to look at! sheesh…

  7. Nujoom

    fun song indeed.

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