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Phone Fritz

Probably the worst timing for a phone to go on the fritz, I was about to start the transfer my basic Sony Ericsson to the Nexus One which was an arduous process in itself since there isn’t a simple process develop by Google yet. Just as I was about to start transferring the contacts through bluetooth to a smart Sony Ericsson it got stuck on searching for Bluetooth devices and didn’t stop, left it for about 5 minutes and it was still on the same screen. Took out the battery and put it back in and the damn thing would just keep restarting with no end in site, I tried connecting to my PC to pull the contacts with no hope, it kept trying to find the drivers but it kept restarting. I haven’t backed up my contacts in a year, I was going nuts and I had to go to a afternoon part of the funeral so I dropped it off at my phone guy since I gave up all hope. I had people calling me and I had no clue who they were, I had full conversations then asked them who they were, I had to keep explaining that I lost my phone, it was the only way.

I dropped it off at 2pm, I was tormented for many hours, I was going nuts. I got a call from my phone guy to pick it up at 8 pm, the screen and keyboard were shot so I was happy that everything was working. First thing I did was back up the phone numbers and performed the transplant to Nexus which is another story.