Blackberry Curve Trackball Annihilation


My luck with phones for the past few days have been a bit off but this is a bit of a simpler problem. My trackball stopped scrolling down, I didn’t think much of it, I would just cause a lot of friction and it would go back to normal and never thought much about it until today. It really didn’t want to go down, I could go up, left, right but not down so it was annoying. I decided to try to take it apart myself, when I started doing that, it turns out there are more parts connected then I knew so I put it back together. So the next step was to take a very thin flat screw driver to the area around the trackball and insert, but that get the results I expected, instead I destroyed all functionality left in the ball.

Called my phone guy, asked him to replace the trackball section asap, and he hasn’t failed me yet.

25 KD for an original trackball piece with the area around it, 5 hours later the whole thing is done and fixed, good as new. I just can’t seem to change to another Blackberry, if I’m comfortable with a phone I won’t be changing it anytime and soon and switching to the Bold 9700 isn’t on the map for me right now, the 8900 does everything I need perfectly.

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  1. Purgatory

    Usually when it stalls on me I just spit on it and lubricate it, works so far.

  2. I paid 10KD in that phone shop in Yarmouk..

    It feels so good when u get a new trackball !

  3. Good to know… When mine gets stuck I beg it to work again…

  4. Maximus

    I did mine at yarmouk too… for 10 kd and the phone is brand new again

  5. Yarmouk change track balls for 10kd for original piece and 5 coloured pieces.. they take about 2hrs to change it

  6. we had the same problem.. we both have 8900 but B’s trackball was gone similar situation to urs..after changing the trackball thrice B gave up and he shifted to 9700… but i didnt face any problems with the trackbal till now..

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