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GulfRun 5 – Loading

Meeting up and heading out isn’t a very simple process, with so many guys who are itching to take off in their cars. We met up at Tilal Complex in Shuweikh, it had the largest amount of parking spots which would be decently empty in the afternoon. We were expecting about 10 to 15 cars to show up when about 30+ cars show up, I knew it was going to be an interesting drive to Doha with this many cars in row. Luckily we had a few SUVs with us that were helping us block off the roads, some times there can be a bunch of maniacs on the road but that went smoothly enough.

The loading went very smoothly, four different trailers filled up completely with all the vehicles, top and bottom. You can check out the list of cars over at the GulfRun Blog, now that looks interesting, some very mean machines are coming to the track. People seem to be more prepared for the track this year then any other year.

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