Blogs I Enjoy for 2010


This some of the blogs that I have been recently enjoying, lots of blogs pop up that I don’t have a clue about and that I stumble upon from other blogs and clicking a few names. I took a few of them and tried to categorize them into three different categories, and still there a few that I miss out on but I’m always looking.


  • Anything Goes– Technical, Practical, lots of great info for anyone in technology
  • BlogAllAlong – Technical outlook, quick fixes, modifications, a fantastic technical blog


  • YearOfTheTeddy– Amazing photography and social blogging
  • BrakeBanzeen– My feed for real car info, and even gets it before the major blogs
  • Bu-Yousif – Fantastic Photoblog and storyline to follow it!
  • re:kuwait – Unique Architectural Outlook
  • NegativEffect – A unique and talented Kuwait PhotoBlog


  • 4thRing– Lots of Laughs, and good info!
  • Codename: Q Valley – Unique blog with fun interviews
  • Ansam518 – Good Food :D
  • Storm In A Tea Cup – Video Games, Anime, Books!
  • UpTillOne – Trying things out and posting it, always good to learn from other’s experience, lots of good info, I purchased the Google Nexus One after they posted about it
  • CouchAvenue– Obsessed with Mac!
  • BuzBerry – Lots of great reviews, and they develop their own Apple Application!
  • TouchOfMeh– Three guys with different tastes and some very useful facts
  • SomeContrast– I always checked out a few places in Kuwait after they post reviews

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Im so Happy and pleased that you really like our work and regarding the interviews i’ve been waiting to ask you for long time to be my guest in the interview but i know that your most of the time busy with work or traveling so i hope to have you as my guest :)

  2. Glad you like mine; the feeling is mutual. The post was helpful. I’m finding some of the other blogs interesting too.

  3. Thanks for the support, see you in Bahrain! great recommendations

  4. Thanks for the recommendations and support! lots of great blogs, see you in Bahrain.

  5. Thanks for picking Brake Banzeen man! Really appreciate the support! It’s funny but the majority of your picks are blogs that I enjoy daily too. Kuwait should be proud of the quality and variation of its blogosphere. Keep up the great work!

  6. sorry for my double comments because i keep getting an error everytime i post a comment

  7. You are very kind, Marzouq. I am humbled :)

  8. I am humbled and honored to be included in the list :). Thank you for your support Marzouq, ma ga9art.

  9. LOL! I’m Obsessed with Mac? Seriously am I obsessed? :/

    No no I’m crazy only :P

  10. Thank you for your support ! :D

  11. An Interesting list you got there!

  12. Thanks for the mention :)
    Now I feel worse about not posting more often, hehe :P

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