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24 – Season 8 – The Kick Off

Watching 24 one shot is the only way its done, I had 4 full episodes to watch but I had to find the right time to watch it all in one stretch. Late night was the only time I have a free at the cost of sleep, and it was well worth it. Jack is back at full throttle following leads, someone is trying to kill the president of the Islamic Nation but there i more to it then this plot and weapons grade material is at stake. For the first time CTU has been moved to NYC with a whole new set of parameters and setup to the original, I like the move and the possibility of this storyline. There are some interesting new characters, I’m still not too much of a fan of Freddie Prince Jr. but since he is leaning towards Jack I’m liking the guy and I’m happy Chloe is back, she is the perfect partner for Jack but a few of the other characters are annoying me and as usual you can’t have 24 without having extreme emotions towards a few of the characters. I’m not sure if I can wait week in and week out for each episode, I might go nuts.