GulfRun 5 – The Car Wash

At last the videos are coming up! I knew some videos were coming but I wasn’t sure what video was going to be released but I really like this cool video. It looks better then how wet and messy it got, they did a really good job of detailing those cars. I really liked how my M6 came out, too bad we can’t keep our cars like this all year long the police wouldn’t let us drive at all with those on. They were really shuffling through the cars, jumping from one to the other with all the different stickers and positions, some of those cars looked really good.

Link: GulfRunBlog

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. TS

    Dont mean to be harsh .. i really love racing and cars…

    But i think this is too much … need to do something more productive … ;P

  2. @TS – I think the context of productive is lost at this moment? This was just a fantastic event, and I do like the quality of the videos!

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