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A Normal Weekend


I think I’m always doing something or busy but I haven’t been able to do the normal things that I do recently, just too busy with work and GulfRun that I haven’t had a chance to breath but now the dust is settling and it has been a hell of a lot of fun but I want to catch up to my usual activities. My Google Reader has been piling up to over a thousand, it has been like this for days even though I have been slowly chipping at all the articles, I have to see or read all the articles, I just can’t hit Mark All As Read.

Simple Tasks:

  • Rebuilding WHS Server (Been on hold for months)
  • Riding
  • Watching Anime and Movies
  • Cleaning up my Room(You know you have to clean up when your navigating around books, electronics and other items in the room)
  • Video Games
  • Reorganizing all my Photography Equipment