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InfoConnect ISP Pricing


Thanks to UpTill1 I manage to see the pricing before heading over to InfoConnect to renew my internet service. Its the best time and best pricing, I have two connections at home, Qnet and Kems, I am happy with both ISPs and Kems still ranks #1 for customer support and resolving issues. I paid 720 KD to Qnet for a 7 MB connection and 299 KD for a 2MB connection for a Kems connection, but not it seems the price have been really reduced, its also due to them optimizing their networks.

ISP Ranking:

  • Kems – Best Support
  • Qnet – Best Pricing
  • Fastelco – Best Improvement overall this year
  • Gulfnet – Don’t even bother with them, the worst service possible

I have gone ahead with the Max DSL package from Qnet which ranges from 5MB to 24MB, the stipulation is that it will go to the maximum of line not reduced whenever they feel like it as I have 7MB currently and want faster. Its really worth it for 420 KD and my line supports 11MB so it will be a significant improvement, this increase is supposed to take place by Monday at the maximum so I will test it then.

Now for Kems I have a 2MB connection and I want to upgrade since their prices are very reasonable right now, for 399 KD I can have 4MB or for 599 KD I can have 8 MB. The combination of these two networks would be very much a reality with the ftp downloads at full throttle. I have managed to use each one for a purpose but the packages are enticing.