Nexus One Automated Update


I received a message on my Google Nexus One for update, I wasn’t sure what it was but I was too sleepy to think about it and just accepted it. I installed and restarted, right after I didn’t think much about it, I was reading an article on BBC then I was trying to move to things and the screen zoomed in when I realized they updated the multi-touch capability which is a very important feature to have but I was too lazy to root it or install a program for it. The update came from Google which fixes 3G issues as well as the multi-touch feature, a quick roll out for this service. Overall I am enjoying the Nexus One and all its capabilities, its interesting comparing it with the Blackberry which I will at a later point.

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  1. Ahmad

    How is it working for you in Kuwait? Do you find apps for it easily?

    I’m thinking of getting one but since I didn’t see one in front working in front of me, I’m a bit hesitant!

  2. I know this post is a month old, but Ahmad if you’re curious the Nexus one runs flawlessly in Kuwait. I suppose that’s also evident from the blog post itself.

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