Abyat & Platform Visit


Need to pick up some tools:

  • Screw Driver Set
  • Air Blower
  • Clear Storage Boxes

I decided to visit Platform then Abyat, the hardest item to find on that list is an air blower surprisingly. I use the air blower to clean hard to reach places then I wipe them down, or to dry the car, or motorcycle. On a good day I like to clean my bike after a ride, it feels refreshing, I keep my head phones on and once I’m done I use the air blower its extremely efficient and quickly to dry with it. I had a Bosch for over two years and it broke even after fixing it twice, so I wanted to get another Bosch from Platform but I can’t find it anymore and Platform didn’t have it. And their tool section is a bit disappointing, they had Great Wall which is Chinese while I was looking for better quality tool sets, so I headed over to Abyat and they had a better section. The Manager at Platform said they are reorganizing and getting more items this coming month and Xcite will be opening in Platform, which is a surprise.

Air Blowers:

  • Bosch – Not Available
  • Black and Decker – 16.5 KD
  • Makita – 22.5 KD

I tried the both the B&D blower and Makita blower, overall the Makita blower felt like it was of better quality then the B&D. B&D is American while Makita is Japanese, but both are made in China. The Makita is more powerful so I went with it and crossing my fingers that it lasts awhile. Went home cleaned up, yes the blower for inside my PCs and Servers, it was nice to clean up the area but that will require a whole day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. AK

    I think you can still get the Bosch blower from Al Nisf. For the tools you can never go wrong with Snap-on, store is located on canada dry street.

  2. purpleram

    That photograph looks like a scene from Dexter !

  3. I got the Makita air blower around 2 years back and its still working fine. If you want Bosch pass by Ace Hardware they have them in stock. I always prefer to get Bosch tools from Bosch dealer since they negotiate sometimes and even give you freebies if you are nice.

    For tools like screwdrivers and wrenches Ace is the place. Sears used to carry craftsman but they no longer carry any tools whatsoever.

  4. I went to ACE not too long ago and could not find the Bosch blower.

    Where did you guys pick up the Makita one from?


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