Public Torrent Trackers


As of recently some of the trackers have been out of the public eye, then there are few which are blocked by MOC. I just use a VPN to access the blocked TorrentSites and the torrent downloads work without the VPN as it has nothing to do with the blocked website. These are the ones I get most of my media, all the different kinds.


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  1. Demonoid was my fav private tracker until it was blocked by moc then i found other private tracker that amazing but u need to get invite to it and i have the best tracker for HD movies and TV shows just for HD.

    check it and im happy to send you invite :)

  2. MJ

    Qortuba Valley,

    Would definitely be happy to get invited to Demonoid and



  3. Demonoid registration is open at the moment

  4. man, in case u didn’t catch up the open registration “happy hour” just send me e-mail to send u the invitation code of demonoid… which by the way not anymore blocked

    BTW… TorrentLeech is the best private tracker I ever used…

  5. @ she3sha3y: could you send me an invite please? :)

  6. MJ

    @ she3sha3y: me too, please? :)) mjmarouf [at] gmail

  7. thank u very much because of the iso web i was able to gett al the bleach epidsodes tht i couldn’t find any where else :D:D:D

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