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Codecs & Players

There are quite a few players out there and the best being VLC, but sometimes you want a the right set of codecs to play the audio and video perfectly with your computer or home theater system. The problem being faced with some machines is that the hardware can’t playback 720p or 1080p, but that also has to do with the codecs and how they process the high definition video.

Usually the best for any PC is usually VLC since its free and works perfectly, and if I have any issues I then download the K-Lite Codec Pack which covers it perfectly. Then there is the introduction of the netbooks, they work perfectly except for video playback of high definition video being 720p or 1080p. Some mentioned they playback 720p but were still choppy, after going through so many forums and testing out all the different kinds of players and the best two are VLC & Media Player Classic (K-Lite Codec Pack), best the codec for any of these two players is Core AVC even with their own Codecs. After installing it on my HP 5101 it started to play 720p video perfectly, but you can’t really multitask with the netbook with 720p playback taking on. Even after trying it on different machines Core AVC seemed to be the only recurring solution across all forums and different machines, it works even better with Nvidia powered notebooks.

Codecs(Some Players Included):

Best Codec: