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Review: Dante’s Inferno

Dante a soldier of the Crusade returns home to find his wife slain and her innocent soul taken to hell by Lucifer. He must traverse all 9 circles of hell to free his precious wife and destroy Lucifer, with it facing all his past and demons.

Right off the bat this is an R rated movie, I knew it was dark from the trailers but it was also perfectly shocking and disturbing. There is more blood shed in this movie then all Tarantino’s movies combined, the best part was all the different styles of animation. I loved how the character was presented differently in each level of hell the characters and world around him changes to a different style of animation.

The story and the script of Dante’s inferno is well thought out. You jump right into the mess of things and get pulled into the whole adventure not knowing what is going to happen next. Not knowing what to expect made this movie an even better experience. When it comes down to it an animated movie is only as good as the story and the script, and this one is a hit.