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It seems that 24 is hitting the big screen, from all the high tv ratings it seems that it might do well as a movie. They hired Billy Ray as the screenwriter of this movie, he usually does those very complex stories not the gritty Jack Buaer rips someone’s head off type of story. I’m hoping that the movie comes together as good as the tv shows does, I’m assuming it will be a long movie to get the story across. I’m still not sure how 24 hours will be equated in the movie and it will have high expectations from the fans.

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  1. Why do they ruin it by creating movies about shows and sequels to good movies? :/

  2. Btw post’s image comes out really big & out of proportion on my browser. Not sure if it’s me.

  3. Miss Good Egg: I’m not sure but I’m crossing my fingers with this one!! Thx, I uploaded the main image by mistake, just resized it!

  4. MHAS

    there is already a movie but it was on TV it`s called 24 redemption

    lets hope this one is good

  5. Nathan

    I hope it is good!

    It is pretty much impossible to be disappointed by 24 the tv show.. hopefully it’ll be the same for the movie.

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