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I have upgraded my DSL account with qualitynet to the MAX Dsl package, which ranges from 5 to 24 MB. Basically it goes to the maximum capacity of your line and I am very happy with this package. Especially that the prices have dropped drastically over the years and Qualitynet leading the pack with the price drop.

Qualitynet does have its issues but their service is solid with me, and it seems if they don’t have any MOC issues then the connection works perfectly. When there is an MOC issue you are out of luck and most the time it won’t be resolved and you are stuck with what you have, the problem is that once that happens you have already paid for your connection and are stuck with it. But in my case these lines seem to be solid for now, sometimes the MOC does mess things up.

As of right now my download speeds are ranging from 1090 KB/s to 1210 KB/s which is fantastic compared to my previous connection. This connection have been consistently stable, and it has reduced my download time of large files by 20%.



My Kems connection was upgraded to the maximum possible speed of the line which is around 7MB, and at this speed I’m downloading from 780 KB/s to 920 KB/s. Kems has the best technical support I have seen from any ISP, the guy on the other side of the phone knows what he is talking about and can help solve the question or give you a realistic answer which helps not to frustrate you more when there is a problem.

After making the payment I get an sms two days later stating that my service has been upgraded and it is now active which went very smoothly. In this case it was 40% more expensive then the Qualitynet connection but this is the maximum capability of the this current line. Oddly enough I bought this line over two years ago and its of lower quality then the line we have had for 30 years and can support much higher speeds. Between the two ISPs Kems seems to have a better consistent upload speed, and this has been my experience with it.

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  1. e7mood

    which company gave you a download speed of 7007 kbps??

  2. e7mood: These are connection speeds, not download speeds. I listed the download speeds for each ISP.

    Fawaz: U r sitting inside a Fiber Terminal or what! lol

  3. Fahad

    My experience has been different, qualitynet has been so unreliable for me…they kept blaming the MOC, but when Fast Telco, installed their service in my house i got unbelievable speeds, quality’s customer service is rubbish, rubbish rubbishhh!!

  4. I am really thinking of upgrading my connection.

  5. Internet prices in the UK are so much cheaper than here… I understand that the market there is larger blah blah, but the difference is still too big. I’ve had QualityNet for 3 years without any problems. Touch wood :)

  6. ahmed258

    Marzouq: Hi, since you upgraded your connection and now have a better upload speed & your an HD content addict, I can offer you an invite to an awesome HD private tracker. I got an invite to b.i.t.-.h.d.t.v.c.o.m or h.d.-.b.i.t.s.r.o :)

    Peace ;)

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