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Blackberry 8900 & Nexus One Android

I have had the Nexus One for a while now and at the same time I have my Blackberry with so its interesting to have two data intensive phones. Usually I always had one dumb phone, just to make calls and data phone since getting the Blackberry two simple roles but since getting the Nexus One I have been enjoying surfing and the ease of accessing my emails and other Google applications. The Blackberry is a simple smooth operating system which has great data management, keeps everything lite.

Blackberry 8900

  • Handles Data Usage Efficiently
  • Great Battery Life
  • Great Signal
  • Applications
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Excellent Speaker
  • Durable, has taken some ridiculous falls

Nexus One Android

  • Excellent Screen
  • Lots of Applications
  • Best browsing Capability, works with Flash
  • Best Gmail Integration
  • Works with Wifi Perfectly
  • Touch Screen
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Google Contacts Integrations
  • Crappy Batter Life
  • Fragile
  • Very Customizable Home Screen
  • Youtube in Full Screen