This is an interesting yet simple concept, a website that has your four most important destinations as its main page. Cookies have to be enabled for this work, you can customize the list of websites from available and you can suggest a popular website to them but I’m not sure how long that would take to get done. Overall I really like how clean it is, surprisingly Bing & Google Search aren’t on the list but they plan on integrating it into the main page as searchable area, I think that would complete it.

Its a great start to the idea and cleanly implemented, the next step would be to let people customize their own links with their own logos, then at that point it wouldn’t just be cookie based, there would be users with their own load up page. The trick would to have full customization and still keep it that smooth.

Link: Fav4.Org

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  1. Nathan

    Google Chrome browser does pretty much the same thing on its load screen, except with 8 sites instead of 4

  2. That looks neat and clean. but I wish there was more icons. how about fav100.org :D

  3. Ja

    If you’re using firefox then just get the Fast Dial Add-on. Pretty much does the same thing and you can customize it to your heart’s content.

  4. If you need more than 4 fav

    I use keyF11.com I think it is better than fav4.org
    Keyf11 is nontraditional online bookmark manager, on-line browser with sticky notes (you can save and share – bookmarks as thumbnails with notes, browse and arrange websites (size, position and save the layout of windows – ideal for HDTV) , active previews (title and favicons) of all panels, sticky notes…)

    After registration you have own address for your favourite web pages (keyf11.com/nickname) and you can send your own link to anybody and simply share your favourite pages with notes notes.
    You can share everything except your private panels, which are password protected and hide. keyfF11 is free web application I recommend.

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