GulfRun 5 @ The Track

One of the best GulfRun’s yet all compressed into a few intense minutes, again my hat goes off to NegativEffect for doing such a great job with this video. The best part for me was watching some of those guys drift, the guy with the ISF took his car to the extreme and that car can really drift. The Z4M did an amazing job on the track as well, some interesting surprises there. I really had fun at the autocross but I started drifting instead of trying to get a good time. So much done in an intense few days, I can’t wait for the next one but I need to improve my driving skills to get better on the track. The Vimeo version is the same but in better quality, I tend to like Vimeo more because of the quality but here is both.

Link: GulfRun Blog

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  1. Love the video! best one so far :) btw.. thank you for adding us to your blogroll we really appreciate it!

  2. It was fun seeing people I went to school with, I was like Ohhhhh I know him, and him and him LOL!

    *sigh* the good ol’ days of school!

  3. the'drifter

    Amazing video!! .. keep it going mz and good luck with the beemer .. cheers

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