P.F. Changs

This was the second time I go to PF Changs and I was planning to order a few dishes I had in mind. Last time I didn’t really have a chance since it was a quick bite. To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of PF Changs from the states, its more like Americanized Chinese Food and in the states you can find some really good Chinese restaurants. But it was a change and worth trying out, I walked it to get a table since it’s first come first serve basis. I keep hearing mixed opinions about the place, either people really like it or really don’t like it, so I curious to give it a full try.

I was there a bit early so I went through the menu asking questions and deciding what I wanted right off the bat while waiting for everyone to arrive. Didn’t take too long and so we ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Dynamite Shrimp, Spring Rolls, Calamari for starters and Lo Mein, VIP Duck, Monogolian Beef, and Sweet and Sour Chicken for main course. It was a wide selection of items, I was impressed with the appetizers so I had high expectations for the main course but that turned out to be a little to high. Most of everything was a little on the bland side, it felt like something was missing. Overall the place is nice, the service is good, but the food isn’t the best, its ok. The appetizers were good but the main course was lacking, the only real good dish was the Mongolian Beef, the rest of it wasn’t that great. I wouldn’t probably plan for a night to eat there, but if I’m in the mall in the first place I wouldn’t mind eating there.

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  1. Purgatory

    Thanks, now I will not go there

  2. i enjoyed most of what i had..they have really good starters.. you should try their drinks..they’re really delicious!!

  3. maryam

    That looks nice.

    I went to a Chinese restaurant here to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my class mates! Of course I stuck with vegi food :P But I couldn’t even eat all the seafood. What we have back home is not Chinese food, what I saw is and courageously tasted some is :P

  4. I dunno, I think it is way better than the American outlets I have been to. On top of that, I hear that they are quite consistent (I have only been once in Kuwait).

  5. Haitham

    That’s funny, I used the exact same word (“bland”) to describe my opinion of the food after eating there with some friends. I expected more flavor and/or a kick from some of their dishes. The lettuce wraps and Mongolian beef are good though.

  6. Haven’t tried it yet. I went to pick someone up from there and the only thing I noshed from their table was the sweet chicken that looks like popcorn and it was good but generally speaking I don’t like Chinese food. It’s too greasy for my taste; I prefer Japanese.

  7. It was a real disappointment. Bad food, slow service and the non-smoking section is tiny!

    Their duck was so undercooked, it was still quacking.

    Never again…

  8. Mr.Mo

    Great review, spot on!

    Their appetizers were better than their main dishes!

  9. J

    Do they have Egg Rolls on the menu ?

  10. Fonzie

    I just love P.F. Chang’s !!!

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