Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio Motorcycles All in One Spot

Feels like Italy has just moved into Shuweikh, I have known for a while that Aprillia and Vespa were in Kuwait but I didn’t know that most of Italy is housed in one location. Just behind City Center is the motorcycle shop for Aprillia, Vespa, Motto Guzzi, and Piaggio with a large selection of motorcycles. There is probably a motorcycle or scooter for every person, every color or king from retro to modern to aggressive to comfortable to sport in the showroom.

I’m a huge fan of Piaggio Motorcycles and its my first time seeing such a large selection of them. Whats popular in Kuwait is the Vespa scooters, I have seen some women driving them, and I have heard some guys driving it all the way to the border. Never underestimate those machines, some of those scooters can hit up to 180 kph which is ridiculously fast for a scooter, I never imagined that they did. Then there is the Piaggio three wheeler, and there is a black one which looks like a combat machine with all the bells and whistles to be driven by Robin, because Batman has the cooler bike.

Now for the Aprillia, the main reason that I went to the showroom, it has been too long since Aprillia has come up with the revised version of the RSV, since 2004. This machine looks better in person then any picture can depict and its reasonable priced. MSRP in Kuwait is 4990 KD for the Aprillia RSV which is pretty low for an Italian Motorcycle, and its sounds oh so good. Thanks to Ahmed for starting one up for me, I was impressed and it sounds so good for a stock machine, the Italians know how to make their machines look good and go fast. If you have any inclinations for two wheeled machines then I recommend that you head there directly, and if you like to see all the color combinations then head over there.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aprilia RSV4-Factory is amazing!!!!

  2. Kuwaity

    I really miss my 1994 Piaggio Skipper 150 :( it was very fast, much faster than the current models cos it was 2- stroke. I used to wheelie and wheel spin that scooter!

    I always wanted the RSV but something is happening to me, I found that there is no point of buying racing bikes for Kuwait’s streets

  3. Now as you can see marzouq, this year i fell in love, i really did, with what you ask well with the Vespa ,all vespa’s ALL OF THEM and now that theyre here in kuwait OMG! that is just so awesome! i mean ive never seen anybody in kuwait with a Vespa but either way as soon as i save up for one and hopefully with this year going good for me I will hopefully be getting one! Vespa’s are beautiful!

  4. I want a Vespa now, but where would I ride it? I wonder if it would reqiure a special license!

  5. A.Albaz

    What’s that classic beauty named on APstore12.jpg, Marzouq?

  6. @NE – AGREEEED!

    @Kuwaity – You can enjoy the curves of the road that is what I do! On another note there is a couple of two strokes there you would enjoy!

    @Teeman – Get the Vespa and Enjoy!

    @Laialy_q8 – It does require a license if your gonna drive it on the road!

    @A.Albaz – Its a Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe, Moto Guzzi’s make very nice looking retro machines, but you should here the tone of the exhaust, it will make you shiver!

  7. JoJo


    Checvk out TriStar Motorcycle Academy for training & getting a license.Call Salem 2240 5194

  8. bike world

    For a 50 cc you don’t need a license, if you like anything bigger than 50cc we can train you and help you with the license

  9. Khaled

    Being an insurance man,I assure you,one needs a license to be on a motorcycle on public roads,irrespective of the CC. When an accident happens & you do not have a ridding license then you can not make any claims & you will be liable for the third party damages also.
    Get professional training ,not just from someone who wants to sell a bike !

  10. bike world

    Mr. Khaled, thanks for your feedback. Please note that Kuwait law and many other countries don’t require a bike below 50cc to be registered, therefore it doesn’t require insurance or a license. However this situation will prevent you to ride on public roads. The bike basically will be handled as a bicycle. You can ride in your neighborhood or shaleh or farm but no main roads. As far as professional training, we have a certified trainer that is certified by an American institution to train and to qualify trainers. Our job is not just to sell, but also to make sure we educate riders and to insure their safety. That’s why we always ask customers if they know how to ride or if they require training. The service is free of charge to our customers.

  11. SD

    the rsv4 factory as well as the rsv4R dayummm its like soo amazin…. yeah exhaust sounds crazy….. reagardless the factory or the R version, price, design & performance i guess id recomend these bikes any day…worth every penny.

  12. francis errua jr

    hi guys im new here in kuwait and working at shuwaik.im a filipino and i been driving a vespa cosa more than 5 yrs and still im still admiring the way the vespa smooth ride and its very popular in the philippines.actually theres a pizza restaurant in the pjilippines like in new york whose making there delivery using their vespa scooter namely The Yelllow Cab. I hope one of these days i can visit the vespa showroom.tnx guys ciao

  13. bike world

    we are located behind city center sowaikh call us for more details 24929303

  14. انا عاوز اعرف فين العنوان فى الكويت

  15. bike world

    الشويخ خلف ستي سنتر 24929303

  16. craig hughes

    hi there bikeworld,
    as an english mod working in kuwait, i was wondering if you have any older vespa’s at your show room or know of any second hand shops i can buy one. i’m idealy looking for a px200 but would be happy with a px125. please can you help. i ride my scooter at home all the time and i’m missing it like mad. I hope you can help. craig

  17. biker


    For extra safety of ABS in Kuwait traffic , check out a used BMW C1 at TriStar Motorcycles

  18. Bike World

    Dear Mr. Craig,
    thank you for your inquiry. unfortunately it would be extremely hard to find a PX200 in kuwait, i myself would love to get one. however, VESPA just released the 2011 VESPA PX150 should be coming to kuwait soon with the same old look and 4 speed. and as biker said, we also have brand new VESPA GTV with ABS. call us on 24929303 for more details.
    have a great day.
    Bike World

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