Low Brain Activity

My Friday was a very simple day of relaxing and very little physical activity except for the morning ride which was fantastic, except that it hit 31C at 11:00 am which is too hot for February. Other then that I tried to remain as stationary as possible, the most movement was on the keyboard choosing movies and TV shows, moving to eat food too.

The Day:

  • 3.5 Hours of Riding
  • 8 Episodes of Anime
  • 1 Animated Movie
  • 1 Japanese Movie
  • 1 Movie
  • How I Met Your Mother & Cougar Town sprinkled throughout the day

Its good every once in a while to have days such as these, just entertainment and food. I went out for a bit around 6 pm to change my spot but then went back to watch some TV shows then start the movie.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. let me share a little secret: I found that if you do that on a work day its twice as fun than doing it on a weekend :p

  2. maryam

    LOVE days like these, but sometimes you need more :D

    Totally agree with Laialy_q8 ;)

  3. I love your home! It’s so cozy!

  4. @Laialy_q8 – I agree 100%! Its better on a work day! I wana try that someday! hehe

    @maryam – Seriously need more of those days! So much to do and so many shows to catch up on!

    @Roba – This isn’t my home! I wish I had a cozy place like this!

  5. I miss your posts about going out Riding. You’ve slowed down on the posting bit this year it’s a shame though coz you’re missed.

    And also please rest more often you are probably spreading yourself too thin!

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