“New” Officers


Going to Kuwait airport you tend to see a lot of strange and odd things and not think too much about it, but what I wasn’t expecting was female officer. I stood there for about a minute staring, stunned by what I was seeing in front of me. I have seen female immigration officers, they are better then the previous male immigration officers, and now Female Police Officers, Officers meaning high ranking police not the ones with a few slash marks but a Star or Mulaazim, an Officer. She was young and at the airport around 4 pm having a serious conversation with a two starred male Officer or Mulazim Awal. I’m not sure of the English translation of the rank but it was a sight, lets just hope the female injection into the police force will have a positive effect on the streets and functions, because right now most of these guys aren’t too functional. There could be hope in Kuwait with decisions such as these taking place, I’m always optimistic but this site I was happy to see, as a track record female PMs are making better decisions then some of the idiotic PMs. Still that was a shocker for me, now what would a guy do if he is stopped by a good looking female police officer since I heard they are also in the traffic police.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. At least females wont wont stand around smoking like chimneys at the airport and yelling at foreigners.

    Good call.

  2. They get harassed which is very sad but expected. I saw one walking in Avenues that was followed by 4 hooligans even though she looked like she could take them all on and crack their heads.

    I don’t mind being a female cop only so that I can kill all the male cops then resign.

  3. Walla i would stop and first thing i would say if she was cute .. “khalfay ya ba3ad il dakhiliyaah kil’haaaa ! ” i know i sound hailigy but thats the truth :P J/k

  4. I agree on the immigration female officers! They seem more professional and faster (typing with all fingers and not just one)

  5. JoJo


    Females or males ,what is important is do they have ” Hayba ” to impose the law or not.

    BTW I think you mean MPs ,,,, not PMs !!!

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