Meat for Lunch

Every once in a while I feel like a hearty meal, its more on the often side, and the other day I felt like Muchboos Laham just before traveling. I have this reasoning that I prefer to get on a plane with a full stomach then eating airplane food even if it might be good. Came back from work early around 5 pm to have a meal before heading to the airport. I love the smell of muchboos rice just as it leaves the kitchen, its this filling smell thats make just want to taste the rice on its own. As usual I ate more then I should have but I felt good about it and laid back to watch an episode or two of anime before heading out.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. YAY Muchboos Posts are BACK!!! YUMMM bel3afia! I am like you, I prefer to eat before going just in case ;-) Have a safe trip and hurry back ;-)

  2. Daddyz Girl

    yuuummmmmm bil 3afya .. muchboos La7am is my all time favorite !! But not before travelling ! i like to travel light ;P

  3. Akbar

    Dude my triglycrides went from 4 to 40 just by looking at the photos. They rock! Am hungry now, but will have to settle for a ceaser salad for now… :-/

  4. The pictures are great! The machbous looks sooooo delicious!

  5. alsayer

    qal6aaan 7ada eshaweeeeeg bel3afya

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