I kept hearing from my cousin and a few others about Fatburger so I decided to try it out while in Dubai. Its located in Dubai Mall on the basement floor towards the end, its a ridiculously long walk to it but really worth it. When I walked up the staff had an American trainer and it turns out this is the first time it opens outside the Middle East. There menu is simple but you get a lot of items to add or remove from the burger, there was a guy from the states telling the people working there how to cook and how to talk to people.

I ordered one Fatburger Double and Chilli Cheese Fries while my friend ordered a regular Fatburger. It looked good, it look fresh and at the end it tasted as good as it looks. It wasn’t oily or heavy at all, after I was done with the burger I felt that it wasn’t enough, I was done with it quickly, so I ordered another one to satisfy my hunger. That was a damn good burger, it tasted fresh, and it didn’t feel heavy at all once you are done with the meal.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Daddyz Girl

    Yuummmmmmmyyyy bon appetit Marzouq ;)

  2. Damn you Zouk! Damn you straight to Barney’s hell! You are making me hungry and it doesn’t help that I crave a burger now even after eating one yesterday!

    What shall I do with myself now! :(

    Damn you!

    Bs bl 3afya, next time you get one of those burgers send me one too please :P

  3. 3alaik eb alf 3afya! ;D

    I don’t usually comment on your posts. But when it comes to food, I can’t resist! ;p

    Tridlina bisalama inshallah :)

  4. hello, nice place.
    just a question: does the picture3 the glass means Coca Cola?

    Are there any options for vegetarians? :P

  5. Someone

    Fatburger will be opening in Kuwait early June in Spoons Food Mall in Fintas

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