300 – King Leonidas Helmet

300 is one of those movies that will leave a mark on any man’s life, its become a right of passage for many men. Ever time I see this movie I’m still in awe of King Leonidas, he feared very little, faced his enemies when they were only 300 against hundreds of thousands. So when I saw this statue of the helmet of 300 and shield as the base I had to have it.

I picked it from a store called The Nobel Collection in Dubai Mall, their prices are reasonable as this is around 72 KD, for a full bronze helmet, shield and sword of 300. In my case I’m missing the sword since I was so happy I got it I took it in with me as a carry on and so security took the little sword, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. So they took the 12 cm Bronze sword and left everything else, they were rather reasonable and decent at security but I still have this amazing helmet and the quality of it is fantastic, solid bronze piece.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. nkf

    very cool ,,, and sorry about the sword :(

  2. Bu Khaled

    eee na3am i love it… great choice mate… hathy 3ala il harley naaar itseer

  3. The mohawk is chipped. You should have asked for a 75% discount!

  4. 300 is one of my favorite movies
    perfect piece , enjoy it :)

  5. aW

    I aw at Khalid bin Waleed (Rathiya Allaho 3anh)

    check out ghazawat al tamir i think its called…

    he was 1 against an army of Arabs and
    Persians lol

    Not to mention Mo2tah and many others… 3000 vs 250,000

    Never lost a battle.

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