Review: Crows Zero

Suzuran High School is an all boys school full of delinquents and gangsters. The students comprise of different turfs according to grade levels, classes and reputation. Unification of all levels in the school is a challenge, and newcomer Genji Takaya throws down the gauntlet on the first day to take down reigning school gangster Tamao Serizawa.

A lot of Japanese culture revolves around life in highschool and how people develop, Suzuran being the roughest and toughest highschool in Japan. The story revolves around the life of Genji Takaya and how he plans to rise to the top of Suzuran. There are a lot of interesting characters and clashes with the Japanese Mafia or Yakauza, and they aren’t even a match for some of these delequents in Suzuran. You quickly get pulled into the life in Suzuran amazed their is a highschool such as this in existence, I foung Genji to be an interesting character and I liked the plot twists in this movie. Its rare that a movie can get you so involved that you jump out of your seat and want to jump into the screen, the story is fantastic the action is nonstop with lots of laughs thrown into the mix. A rare movie that is really worth watching, now I just have to get my hands on Crows 2.

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  1. Watch “My Boss My Hero”. Outstandingly funny and a joyful must-watch. You’ll thank me.

  2. Qaiser

    if you could kindly email me on how i can get my hands on this movie i’d really appreciate it, im a big big big fan of the manga CROWS & WORST, and i hoped they’d make it into an anime, but apparently it was made into a movie.

  3. John Tsiang

    I LOVE CROW ZERO!!!!!when i watch the movie,i thought serizawa is the leader….and he beat the crap out of genji and make him regret…then serizawa make genji realize hat study is more important…..but in the end,GENJI ROCK!!!!!!!!HE BEAT OUT SERIZAWA!!!!in my opinions,serizawa look tougher than genji bcoz genji is a bit skinny but serizawa is fit and his height is medium…..looks cool when someone small like him is called’king of beast’…..but,the strongest maybe the bystander of the war……the big guy….

  4. This flim is really amazing!yea,and “my boss my hero” is also very FUNNY.a yakuza who go into a high school.wahahaha really ridiculous!

  5. misaki ayoxawa

    takiya genji really my genk,,

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