Canon EF 70 200 f2.8L IS USM – Best Lens Period

I have been waiting years before purchasing this lens, its the peak of all the Canon lenses. This lens is what gives the Canon L Series Lenses that name of quality and amazing pictures. The Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS L is second to none in sharpness, contrast, and speed.

I have taken several shots, its fantastic for high speed shots, loved it for group photos and photos on the fly. You really capture a person’s details and concentrate on the subject in front of you.

The F4 is more expensive then the F2.8 but really worth it since nothing can increase the speed of lens then the F-stop. Then there is the normal model the IS model, I went for the IS model as I am shooting freehand consistently and it did a great job with a lot of my shots.

At the time I got the lens for $1600 which is a very good price, and I don’t regret a penny that I spent on it. Its an amazing lens which produces fantastic photos. This is the lens which takes it to the next level. (Sample Pictures Below)

Canon EF 70 200 f2.8L IS USM Sample Pictures

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  1. got mine too :)
    my only problem is that it grabs lots of attention [size wise]

  2. Mabrook :)

    70-200 @ a constant f2.8 = Perfect for everything!

    My next lens is a macro lens in the summer inshallah. Then it’s one of these babes :) Only it will be a Nikon…

  3. fadibou

    Try the 85mm F1.2 then you will see what you are missing,

  4. Nolan G

    I rented this lens a few times for trips I went on. It’s badass.

  5. wawww mashalah … an excellent choice , there will be anew version next may i think its the same f2.8L IS but it will be modified ( Mark II )

    but urs is fantastic , and def. will be my next lens.

  6. I’ve also picked one couple of months ago, and I’m blasted with the quality. I did not get it F-stop first, now all of my lenses are either 2.8 or below. Next thing, I wish they intro tilt shift lens 24mm with f2.8. My dream lens.

  7. “The F4 is more expensive then the F2.8”

    It’s not. te f/2.8 is more expensive.

  8. I need suggestion from PRO’s. recently i bought canon550D now i wanna buy some good lense but since im just started with DSLR’s im not able to choose one. my requirment is as below 1)to have good zoom 2)sharp images 3)good colors 4)budget is less than 200KD, guys please suggest me something.

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