24 Might Ending At 8


After 8 long excruciating and stressful days for Jack Bauer this may be the last for him. Hearing this news shocked me because this is one of the best seasons of 24 yet. Studio executives at Fox are in discussions and some decision will be out in the next few days. It will end on top with this season as being a great season. Fox might shop it around to other networks if it is stopped. The main part for them is that ratings have dropped and the cost to make the show has gone up.

I honestly don’t know if 24 would have done as well as it as if it came out Pre-9/11. It touched on a lot of sensitive subjects, vulnerabilities, paranoia, and things such torture, espionage, terrorism, and beauruacracy. It has had high and a few iffy seasons but still a fantastic show and I’m still crossing my fingers for another season.

They are still moving forward with with the movie, the script being written up by Billy Ray (State of Play, Flightplan) and Jack is taken to Europe. Fox is excited about the movie and the possibility.

Now let us see the outcome

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … Jack is wack :p

  2. Not Dead Yet

    A sad day will dawn upon us when there won’t be any more 24 on television.

    I’m sorry Laialy but I know for a FACT that there has not been a terrorist attack in the United States since Jack Bauer first appeared on television. So him being “wack” is uncalled for.

  3. The M Code

    It’s sad when your favorite show comes to an end, but there’s always an alternative!

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