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Pinkberry – Damn Good


I tried Pinkberry a few months ago and I remembered that it was good and I haven’t gone back there since. This past weekend we went for breakfast and after that we passed by Pinkberry for desert, I was pleasently surprised. It was damn good and I was really hungry for something sweet. They have two flavors that I tried, Pomegranate and Original, I went for the combination of both and it tasted damn good. They have some fruit and candy toppings but I just wanted it plain, didn’t feel like any toppings. People had some odd combinations but they seemed to like it. Later in the day we took the kids to the new Fantasy World in Avenues which was fun, and I thought to take them to Pinkberry for a little desert before heading home. When we went down stairs the line was at least 20 meters long so we decided to go else where. The food and quality is fantastic, the only problem they have is the system and how slow they are, they don’t seem systematic and really need to make these combinations faster even if people want to try. But it seems that people like them so much they are willing to wait and stand in this long lines.