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Review: Alice in Wonderland

I think this is a classic story that a lot of us are familiar with and I was happy that Tim Burton took the project and turned it into a film. From all the previews and Johnny Depps presence I knew that I wanted to see this movie. The funny part is we all know the story from our childhood and what is the story with the caterpillar with so many hookahs, they said the director was on LSDs at the time. Then there are all these kids in the theater see it for the first time, it was a mix of a crowd. The story is in bland England with a odd Alice seeing things when others dont, then she falls into the hole and it takes a different twist. The whole adventure is a lot of fun, so many funny characters, the Red Queen was hilarious, and I loved Chester the cat, always smiling and disappearing and reappearing when needed. The story line is fantastic, just to be expected from Tim Burton, but I wanted more of Johnny Depp, and Alice fit the bill perfectly. The fun never stops, there is always something going on and you know what is supposed to happen at the end but not how its supposed to happen and things just keep popping up, it was a really fun movie and I loved the Mad Hatter, he was really mad.

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