MOC Stopped It


I have a package from MyUS shipped through DHL which came in with 4 Hard Drives, a motherboard, some ram, and 4 Blu Rays. All the Blu Rays are animated movies, Green Lantern, Dante’s Inferno, Halo Legends, and Justice League Crisis On Two Earths. I have come to the conclusion that you can only buy cartoons on Blu-Ray or DVD into Kuwait so they won’t stop it. Bt I was wrong, it has been two days since they said they would get clearance and I told them its only a cartoon why would you stop it. They really drive me nuts, and they wonder why there is so much torrent downloads in Kuwait, people are honestly willing to purchase but if you make it this much of a headache then they won’t buy online. Put a 5% tax that has to be paid and that is it, no inspection nothing, Customs is supposed to make money for the country rather then waste time inspecting toys and other items. It will probably be clear in a day or two but this is seriously very annoying, and I just bought these because I like these animated movies so much that I decided to buy them. They don’t care about the other items, I have had more electronics shipped in in one box before without it being stopped at all but for movies they stop it.

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  1. ChiefQ8

    the same thing always happen to me we i ordered these thing and almost every thing we order the stupid customs stopped it for god’s sake its a PRIVATE mail!! even when i order my Nikon DSLR they said to me that i have to bring a “clearance paper” from the ministry of information in order to get my DSLR .. LOL that was totally insane

  2. 3azeez

    Dante’s Inferno.. lol..
    u say ur package will be cleared? haha.. good luck

    anyway, i thought mail privacy is protected by the constitution. I dont know of any delievery company operating in kuwait that signs a contract with you saying once you start using their service you automatically give them the right to do whatever they pelase with ur mail.

    and since they don’t do it as there is no law binding them to do so… i am assuming what the ministry is doing is not legal (even if we assumed that the delievary company is acting as an importer of goods and hence the customs that we pay sometimes.

    i really believe our problem in kuwait is our lack of understanding to our rights… we’re wasting our time with Tabtaba’i ladies football teams mess, loans, and other load of crap while our most basic human rights… the freedom to think, freedom to live, and all other now known to be ‘shit’ is being lost.

  3. I agree with 3azeez, it must bee Dante’s Inferno.

    And didn’t you watch Halo Legends already?!?!

  4. asq

    Its Dantes Inferno, and not because of violence or nudity.

    If you research about the actual poem which dantes inferno is actually based upon, you will find out that it contains a part where it mentions our prophet mohammed (pbuh) in a bad way.
    Thats what really put me off the game and i unacceptable.
    But i don’t know how the guys at MOC would know that.

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