SuperBikes in Kuwait 2010


Suzuki GSXR 1000
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: No Warranty


Yamaha R1
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: 3 Months
Yamaha Al Salem


Kawasaki ZX-10R
Price: 4200 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
ZED Motors


Ducati 1198
Price: 6400 KD
Warranty: 2 Years


Aprilia RSV4 R
Price: 4990 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
Bike World


Price: 5990 KD
Warranty: 2 Years
Bike World


Price: 5640 KD
Warranty: 2 Years

Right now in the market you have a lot of choices for machines, from Japanese, to Austrian, to Italian, they have all evolved into the creatures that they are today. This is probably the best selection of motorcycles available in the market period, with a choice of service providers. Some sell motorcycles with a passion and some churn them out like cattle. I have managed to get most of the prices of these machines with their warranty periods, and in my opinion warranty is very important. Out of the bunch Yamaha and Suzuki are the worst and they don’t really care because those machines sell themselves, but oddly enough they have gotten a lot more expensive then they were before. Who would have thought you can buy a full thorough bread Italian beauty for the same price of Japanese engineered machines. Each one of these bikes are suited for a different person, they are all far from the same but I’m still surprised when I was asking around. I’m a huge fan of Ducati and it is still one of my most favorite machines to ride, you feel like your riding a machine with an attitude of its own. KTM came out of the corner punching with the RC8, no one expected a machine such as this from the small Austrian firm. Now out of all of them the best value for riding machine is the Aprilia RSV4-R, everything about it is Italian, the engine, the look, and the attitude, it exemplifies the evolution of Aprilia and it has more meaning then the machine itself. Out of all of them I think the Aprilia is the best value for machine, why go for a Japanese with a bad service save for ZED Motors when you can go for an Italian for a 400 KD difference. When I buy my motorcycle I want it to be from the guy who sells motorcycles not a guy who sells a Corolla and a motorcycle, out of all of the companies I would honestly only approach Tristar, Bike World, and ZED Motors. But still what a lovely menu of machines.

Update: Updated the price of Ducati and included the S1000RR, now thats a full menu.

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  1. Unfortunately, most of the local riders look for top speed and low cost maintenance when shopping for a bike, and the crown goes for both the R1 and GSX-R.

  2. Kuwaity

    I agree with you about the new Japanese prices, why do they jump from KD 3800 to KD 4500? I think they know that people would by the GSXR no matter what and also they know that Tristar is over pricing their bikes so they adjust the price.

    Why you are saying that Suzuki (MK) and Yamaha (Al-Salem) are bad? I used to ride Suzuki along with other bikes for a long time with no problems. They have experience, they are quick and cheaper than Tristar and all parts are available. Also I haven’t heard anything bad about Yamaha.

    Toyota is selling bikes? I will leave the two wheels if it is true :)

  3. Ali from Bahrain

    where is the boss of them all? The HONDA CBR1000RR :)

    Even here in Bahrain motorcycle prices are getting to crazy high levels

  4. Kuwaity: The bikes themselves are fantastic, I have an Yamaha R1 in the states with great service from the local dealer but in Kuwait they are very sad dealerships. I have gone to both Yamaha and Suzuki, the guys selling the bikes might as well be selling fruit baskets at the Co-Op. When you deal with a dealer who has very little enthusiasm towards their bikes I get put off from them. What matters when you buy a motorcycle is the sales and especially the after sales service, with my experience with both Yamaha and Suzuki these guys are indifferent if you buy the machine or not.

    I agree with you that Tristar is expensive at times but they do have good deals as well. But as for their service they are quick and very experienced with parts available although a bit expensive. But its to be expected when you want quality service , overall even with their faults they do provide a good service and they even covered a full transmission warranty in my case after two years. That wouldn’t be the case with Suzuki or Yamaha. Its just a matter of the experience you would get out of buying a motorcycle from a motorcycle enthusiast then from a box salesman.

    Dealerships aside all these machines are fantastic!

  5. Adrenaline: Agreed, they have a goal some of these riders have in mind, but I think riding has matured in Kuwait over the past decade.

    Ali: How you doing! I went to the dealership and they were out of stock and the guy couldn’t give me an exact price! Honda is always out of stock!

  6. I would go for the Aprilla or the Ducati when the prices have leveled off, as such.

    Their is just something about those brands that represent a sense of sexiness you cannot buy with a Suzuki or Yamaha. I do agree that they are solid performance bikes, but they just don’t have that sexy factor for me.

  7. biker

    Tristar sell their 1198 the base model for 6,400KD and the MSRP is 4,745KD talk about mark up :P. RSV4-R 4,990KD and the MSRP is 4,602KD. S1000RR 5,640KD and the MSRP is 3,969KD. To me it seems like Tristar is way over priced. Looks like the RSV4-R is the best bang per buck. I was never a big fan of Japans bikes and I don’t know why people spend their money on a bike with no warranty that’s a bit strange. As far as after sales goes, it’s all about parts and knowledge, so I would always make sure the mechanics are qualified not just some grease monkey who knows how to use a wrench.

  8. You guys are so lucky, the 2010 R1 costs almost 8200 KD in India, including registration and road tax and other taxes :(

  9. BuJasim

    Great Post!!! thanks for the info. Im shocked at how overpriced bikes are in Kuwait, especially the japs. For me the KTM wins hands downs but the Ducati’s a close second ;-)

  10. Kuwaity


    I think you’re talking about the sales man not the after sales service. Ok I really don’t care if he sells banana or a bike, once he can sell me the bike with plates on I just fly because I don’t need his advice or anything. So for me it’s all equal and all have good service.


    The equation is easily understandable but people always talking about service and forget how much they spend compared to what they’ll get. I think buying an Aprillia without warranty at all and even without a showroom with shawarma sales man (just example) rather than an overpriced Ducati. You won’t spend the price difference on manufacturer defects in two years, if there are any.

  11. Hellraiser

    Great post Marzooq, I just want to point out, that Japanese parts do not come cheap, furthermore thee bikes depreciate quickly and are becoming overpriced, As for Yamaha its the worst excuse of a dealership and a depreciation factor of 50%. Tristar are on the pricey side, with a great service. Missing from the line up is the Honda.

  12. biker

    I think a warranty is a must for any kind of machine a boat or a bike or a fridge. As far as salesmen, if I am willing to spend I would rather sit down with a salesman who knows about his bikes and that is extremely knowledgeable no just a guy who memories the spec sheet. Most of the salesmen’s you see around town are crooks who just want your money and once they sell they don’t even care. When it comes to after sales, you should always pay attention because you can easily be spending more than your bike is worth. Most brands we have around town are good, but which one is solid and which one will remain to stay in the workshop for few years ;)

  13. Shaghab

    I think the problem is that when checking the prices of the bikes (especially the Ducati and BMW), you guys are comparing the pricing in the US to Kuwait, which is a completely different business model (based on taking away market share from the leaders…aka Japanese brands) Check out the prices of the same bikes in Europe (England, France AND Italy) and you’ll understand the prices in Kuwait. They arent over-priced, but you are simply comparing apples to oranges.
    To prove this point, you cannot buy a Ducati or BMW from the states and ship it to Kuwait, because if you did, you’d end up with the same price offered! The problem with internet price checking is that you usually get it from the biggest market (which is always the USA), and the same rules do not apply on both continents.

    This is just food for thought, let it marinade…

  14. Shaghab

    And another thing….you cant compare a Ducati to a Kwakasaki, GXSR or any other brand for that matter…
    Its like comparing Ferraris to GTR Skylines…it just aint in the same league, and the pricing reflects that as well…Compare it to an MV (if anything at all).

    And MSRP pricing has no effect on the final price of any bike anywhere outside of the US.

    And yes…I own a Ducati and love the exclusivity…

  15. Kuwaity

    Salesman is only for the one who don’t know what to choose. If you know what you want, you simply go and buy without anything.

    I personally comparing the prices in UK. I saw many bikes their (not internet stuff) still cheaper than tristar. Don’t forget that the price includes taxes, expensive insurance, etc. when I say insurance I mean more than KD 500 for group 17 bike!

    Also MV and Benelli are expensive bikes but the price in Kuwait is fair, unlike BMW and Ducati.

  16. Shaghab

    Kuwaity: you just dont like Tristar! Admit it! Admit It!! LOL. What is your agenda??
    Your comments are always so negative towards them.

    I like how you say MV and Benelli are priced fairly, but not Ducati (or BMW). That is bullcrap and you know it.

    And I’m positive about pricing in the UK being more than here. But you know what, your gonna say something negative AGAIN, so keep it up!


  17. Kuwaity

    You need to know that MV and Benelli superbikes are around 40 % more expensive than a similar Ducati everywhere except Kuwait, all are roughly equally priced.
    And you’re negative about pricing in UK, go there and find out.

    This is not just applies to motorbikes dealers, but Car dealers too. So I don’t like all guys who overprice their good for nothing, not just tristar. Got it? :)

  18. JoJo


    Like Shaghab says you must have a personal issue with TriStar,( or you are working with a competitor ,which is also fine with me !! )cause you talk about S1000RR ( The top Superbike today ) being over priced at KD 5640 ,,,, while you are overlooking the price of KTM RC8 at KD 5999 at Bike World !

  19. biker

    To be honest I was never a fan of japans bikes. They are good and they are fast but they don’t have soul in them. Unlike Italians and British and Americans they are all about soul. As far as the KTM RC8 goes. I checked it and the MSRP is only 5,690KD so I wouldn’t mind paying up to 500Kd difference but the S1000RR is less than 4000 why would I pay 1500kd for a mark up. In the states I remember EVO was 30,000 and when the it was first launched the dealers did a markup of 10,000 so total was 40K. I can understand all of this. But why would someone charge me 1500, and they can sell the same bike for another customer for a lot less? The 1198 retails in q8 for 6400, I hear guys saying that they paid 5000. Why is that. And marzoug you own an RC8 how much did you pay for it?
    MSRP is a good base for me and I always base it on UK and US market. Cause if I am paying the extra 1500 or even more, I would rather fly my bike from UK or US and get the bike I want with all the options I need plus I save half of the markup that people add around here.
    I understand that dealers in Q8 are making extra money, but I am not a fool to pay way more than the bike is worth.
    As far as bike world, check out their Vespas they are below MSRP, so now tell me how can that work.

  20. biker

    By the way JoJo, I just checked with my brother he said that bike world is selling the KTM 525XC quad for 2890kd. I know few guys who paid a lot more?

  21. Ali from Bahrain

    I am doing great Marzouq, thanks for asking. Been busy in motorcycle racing in both Bahrain and Doha, we’ll be the support race for the MotoGP in Losail on 9th April weekend, i might be able to get you an invitation if you wish to attend (both for our race and MotoGP), let me know.

    Ps, been following your cool blog for sometime and I am enjoying it a lot, keep up the good work on living a more healthy life-style :)

  22. I guess i was wrong its not “top speed and low cost maintenance” its the price of the bike :-)

  23. Kuwaity

    “Biker” is like me, we not fools to pay way more than the bike is worth.

  24. biker

    Kuwaity, its not just motorcycles, check out the price difference of C63 in kuwait and landcruisers with the world. I guess its most of the retail in q8

  25. Kuwaity


    Yes I know that and I said that up in the topic. Thats why I have never bought MB or Toyota :)

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