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Predators – Trailer


I am a huge fan of all Predators movies, since Schwarzenegger to the AVP series which were pretty bad. I always liked the Predators as noble hunting creatures which only acknowledge strength but the last few movies were nothing short of a disaster, nothing beats the first two and I loved the one with Danny Glover. I heard of the reboot and was a bit worried about it but it seems that Robert Rodriguez has taken it back to its original story with a depth of cast that is going to make it one hell of a summer blockbuster. An Elite Warriors picked from Earth are dropped on the Predator homeworld to be hunted as game for the Predators, but this time there are different kinds of Predators, “Super Predators” as previously hinted with different ones specialized in different types of combat. The interesting part is this Elite Warriors, part of the team is Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne, but the trailer will get you worked up to see this movie in July.

Link: Cinematical

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