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No 3D Glasses

3D Glasses

TVs have made huge jumps in the last 20 years, even the last 5 years have been fantastic, but manufacturers think they milk the most they can out of normal TVs that they want to go 3D for the next big thing. My next purchase won’t be a 3D TV, I will be picking up the best TV which high contrast, large screen, thin depth and best High Definition possible. 3D is something I want to avoid for now but its the buzz word that is flying around from every manufacturer and media company, every movie being redone for 3D. I might see a 3D movie and enjoy it but 3D where I have to wear those bulky glasses the whole day or whenever I’m watching something on TV is just ridiculous. I can bear to wear those glasses for a few hours but it has to be a movie I really want to see not any movie as I get annoyed by those glasses. But now they are moving into PC gaming as well as production TVs are those 3D TVs, everyone is talking about being 3D compatible, A/V Receivers and more, I refuse for now to get on board, those things will give me a headache.