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Strong Urges


I have been holding to this diet a for a little while now, almost two weeks, cutting back on most foods, cutting down portions, and I am feeling a difference over two weeks now. I have lost about 2.5 kgs but I haven’t done anything except cut off soda and cut back on food a bit. It does feel good that I don’t want to fall asleep right after every meal and I can go out and do things, but I do miss that feeling being completely full and remaining stationary for a an hour or two. Now I just have to integrate some exercise into this solution. I feel better after all this but I do get urges to eat or get really full, the other day I got the monstrous urge to eat a whole cake or 10 scoops of Baskin Robins, I would have finished it too. But instead I went out to get me a small Pinkberry ice cream which satisfied me for a bit but I still wanted to go crazy. Lowering the portions of food when its just in front of me, but I have managed to do it and I get up satisfied and not stuffed.