Strong Urges


I have been holding to this diet a for a little while now, almost two weeks, cutting back on most foods, cutting down portions, and I am feeling a difference over two weeks now. I have lost about 2.5 kgs but I haven’t done anything except cut off soda and cut back on food a bit. It does feel good that I don’t want to fall asleep right after every meal and I can go out and do things, but I do miss that feeling being completely full and remaining stationary for a an hour or two. Now I just have to integrate some exercise into this solution. I feel better after all this but I do get urges to eat or get really full, the other day I got the monstrous urge to eat a whole cake or 10 scoops of Baskin Robins, I would have finished it too. But instead I went out to get me a small Pinkberry ice cream which satisfied me for a bit but I still wanted to go crazy. Lowering the portions of food when its just in front of me, but I have managed to do it and I get up satisfied and not stuffed.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ali from Bahrain

    well done, keep it up and soon you’ll reach your targets

  2. hey,, when i eat a meal, have only the portion you will eat in front of you,, don’t have lunch when a big qancha of machboos la7am and then u only eat little of that,, it’s makes it difficult

    another thing you add to the formula is to drink a lot of water once you feel hungry

  3. maryam

    dieting sucks big time xo May all the forces be with you :P

  4. Wow I’m impressed you’re actually serious about this. Keep it up!

  5. Vampire – I agree with you 100%, that would be easier! But that can only happen when you eat alone! lol! I eat with the family, so the qancha is right in front of me! lol

    maryam – Thanks!! I feel like a Jedi! lol

    Miss Good Egg – Very! I want to be lighter on my feet, but damn this is hard!

  6. i too have been fighting temptation. but sadly today i have lost the battle. i have managed to fight off burgers, even BBQ while im doing the blody grilling. but today i saw my Achilles Heel:
    teh machboos fagi3 !
    man, even though i ate a cup size of it i feel so dirty :P

    listen marzoug , i’ll give you the secret of dieting, the type of secret you have to cough up hunders of KDs to hear it from a doctor’s mouth.

    you body is an amazing piece of work. it rebuilds, stretches to hold 400 KG of fat and even builds up arteries when your own are clogged. your body has a genetic code or command that says: this vessel must survive. so how is this related to dieting.

    first you need to know something about survival mode: it is a point of time when you body thinks you are basically dieing so it saves up energy and food as much as it can. this happens actually daily, when you skip your breakfast for example the next meal (lunch) goes right in your ass ! (lol). so wat du ? two things 1) eat below the daily amount of calories (avg. male consumption is about 2500 and goes higher when you are obese) 2) stuff your mouth with food every 3 hours/ 4 hours max. the trick is to keep your stomach running all the time which will make you body lose some of its reservoirs

    lastly, drink plenty of water, by plenty refer to black jack episode 1 (lol)
    not for the reason mentioned above which is to decreas your urges but for the same story mentioned above. dehydration puts your body on starvation mode as well :>

    bottom line: do what you do , eat every 3 hours and drink plenty of water (2 liters)

    good luck
    p.s. im on a diet program and since a month ago i lost 8 KG ^^

  7. I’m joining you in that diet of yours btw! I am cutting back on soda I will allow myself one day of the week to drink coke/pepsi and food intake I am lowering it in terms of dinner and trying to go for grilled stuff for lunch.

  8. I’m kind-of dieting. I’m recording what I eat to make more sense of what goes in.

    btw Every time I remember this line, I’m LOL ‘but I do miss that feeling being completely full and remaining stationary for a an hour or two’ :)

  9. 123

    funny everytime i browse blog/forums/blog comments its all about diet diet diet…but how can u do this if there are so many food temptations when you step out of your doors…restaurant here there and everywhere…discipline-u gotta have it…

    female,25y/o,eat a lot and still weigh 49.8kgs.

  10. Les

    Coconut and Pineapple? You’re eating a pina colada pinkberry!

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